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Why You Should Join

You are interested in Entrepreneurship or you are even working on your very own business idea? You finally want to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? Then we are a perfect fit!
We are a young and dynamic association without the typical gridlocked processes and patterns. Contrarily, we provide the perfect playground for your creativity. Right from the beginning, you will take responsibility by organizing an event, for instance, or by assisting your chosen department in structural operations.

  • a student association with great vision and lots of experience

  • a cooperation with startups and companies

  • the development of your own personal skills

Our Operation Methods

Improve both your technical and your personal skills in your chosen department and support us in strengthening the awareness and environment for fellow entrepreneurs in Münster.

All departments meet once a week to talk about their current tasks and challenges.

  • Workload  –  invest as much time as you like

  • Jour-fixe – weekly meetings to stay updated and informed

  • Department – choose your favorite department to work with

How to Join

  1. Click on the button “apply now” below the video and fill in the form. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us why you should be part of our team.
  2. Our HR department will get in touch with you.
  3. Meet one of our current members and find out how you can support our team with your skills.
  4. Start working in your department and make the most of your experience with us by taking on exciting responsibilities right from the beginning.
different faculties
active members

The departments

Our association is divided into six different departments working constantly to achieve our goals and implement our vision. Only you know where you’d fit best – Harry Potter’s sorting hat can’t help you here!  Of course, if you feel like your interests and strengths are not the best fit where you are, you can switch departments at any time.


Bits, Bytes & Beer

Here is where our members rock their keyboards. Not furiously or pumped with energy drinks but rather because they are highly motivated to stay on top of the latest trends of the IT sector. There are no limits; every single promoting idea can be realized.

Current Projects

Machine Learning Studio, User Tracking



Students hate this trick. How do you learn a lot with just one application and have fun at the same time? With this process, we gain new members and show them time and again that participation pays off tremendously.

Current Projects

Alumni program, Satisfaction among association members


Have I seen you before?

One could say these are the “social butterflies” of our association. They are out establishing contacts with new partners and ensure that our present companions stay connected and tuned into our latest achievements.

Current Projects

Establishment of new partnerships, maintenance of our network

Marketing & Design

Daydreamers with a vision

Here we work on our fame and street cred. Crucial for our image are social media, our website and everywhere else our name comes up. Our creativity in creating concepts to increase our public presence are even on paar with Jonathan Frakes.

Current Projects

Corporate Design, Content Marketing

Finance & Law

Just one more question..

No ticky, no washy! Here our number-lovers try to keep the cash flowing. They are the reason that we can pull-off great events for everybody.

Current Projects

Sponsoring, Conclusion of contracts

Operations Management

The show must go on.

The customer is king, they say. That is why this team puts all its effort into organizing events where startups, interested parties, and a diverse audience can enter into lively exchange and dialogue at every event.

Current Projects

Organization of Events, Workshops

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