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Become a PARTNER with Venture Club Münster and support our work in empowering apprising student entrepreneurs! In this way, you can network with ambitious and talented students, enhance the entrepreneurial environment in the university and all around Münster and benefit from our exclusive advantages.

  • access to highly skilled and motivated students

  • presence at professionally organized events

  • and access to a broad network in Münster’s startup ecosystem

Be part of the rapidly growing, motivating, and dynamic market. As one of the largest student-based cities in Germany, Münster is a promising place for a ROI on the younger generation in the movement of entrepreneurship.

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Our Partners

We maintain close cooperation and support with all of our partners.

Our Network

All of our partners benefit from constant and successful cooperation. Together we could realize major events for Muenster´s founder scene and take the first steps towards an open and creative corporate landscape. Don´t miss the chance- be part of our association as a valuable partner.